The Basic Holiday Packing List & Tips

Have you found yourself puzzled what to pack for your next holiday?
It really doesn't matter if it's your first holiday or you are an experienced traveller; packing isn't something you look forward to. Actually, it's not something very exciting.

Packing can seem a bit draining; it’s a little bit confusing to decide where to start. Lots of people find it difficult when it comes to deciding what to pack and how to pack. I always notice people at the airport with overloaded cases as they’ve tried to pack in too much. You know if you exceed your luggage allowance, you can be charged for the extra weight.

There are our suggestions for packing light
Travel in your bulkiest clothes (like trousers, hoodie or cardigan, that you can use later to keep you warm on cool evenings) to save luggage space.  
Purchase a lightweight suitcase so you can use the saved weight to pack your preferred dress or shirt.
You can use a beach bag as your hand luggage.
Don’t pack anything that you can buy when you get to your destination (look for shops selling travel essentials like shampoo and toothpaste, but you should pay attention that they will be a little more expensive). Your hotel will offer for sure hairdryers, pool and beach towels so there’s no point to take them.
Leave home some of your clothes. Just think you’ll mainly be spending time in your bikini or trunks.
Rolling clothes instead of folding them saves space and prevents creasing. Push small items into shoes and corners.
Use your hand luggage to pack shoes, underwear, or an extra outfit if you’ve run out of space in your suitcase.
Wash your clothes during your holiday so you can wear them again. You can buy a hand-luggage approved Fabric Care Travel Wash 75ml (a concentrated cream detergent) or you can consider buying washing powder from the local supermarket or hotel shop.

Here’s our recommendation of packing list for a week’s summer holiday:

  • Passport
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Tickets/booking details – flights, accommodation, transfers etc.
  • Spending money – bank cards, foreign currency, pre-paid travel money card, ravellers’ cheques, some change for snacks/drinks on the flights and tipping when you reach your destination


  • Hoodie/cardigan/lightweight jacket/blazer for cool nights (better to wear them during your travel in order to save space in your luggage)
  • Trousers/chinos x1 (worn to travel in)
  • Leggings/jeans x1 (for cool evenings to cover legs or if doing any activities ie. horse riding)
  • Closed-toe shoes/trainers (comfortable for travelling in or for walking excursions)
  • Sun hat/cap (recommended to travel in to avoid damage)
  • Shorts x2
  • Day tops/T-shirts x4
  • Lightweight evening outfits x5 (non-crease items)
  • Swimwear x2
  • Underwear x7  (they take up minimal space)
  • Flip-flops/sandals/espadrilles x1
  • Socks x3 (we’re sure you won’t need more)
  • Nightwear x1 or none (you can always sleep in a top and shorts or even naked)

Toiletries & Medication

Other stuff

Bought in resort or it may provided by the hotel:

  • Hairdryer
  • Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Sun cream
  • After sun moisturising lotion for face and the body
  • Insect/mosquito repellent
  • Hand sanitizer gel.

Packing for kids
If you’re going on a family holiday you’ll definitely need more luggage space. The most important here is to pack plenty of sun cream including a waterproof sun protection of factor 50+, sun hats, Thomas the Tank Reversible Travel Pillow/ Plush and maybe even sunshades for the beach. Alongside food and clothes it’s advisable taking some toys, some awesome audio books for kids, kids activity books, DIY art case kit, LEGO travel pack, download different kids applications in order to keep the kids entertained on the flight and during the holiday.